March 12, 2018

Elm News

Sensible Investing in a Nutshell: Robin Powell, The Evidence-Based Investor, interviews Victor

In this five-minute video Robin Powell, aka the Evidence-Based Investor, interviews Victor in his “journey to uncover the truth behind investing”. They discuss the meaning of the Puzzle of the Missing Billionaires and explore some of the reasons why investors don’t get the returns they should earn. The interview ends with Robin asking Victor: “What then would you advise young investors to do?”

Robin Powell is an award-winning financial journalist, blogger and educator in the field of investing. For the past six years, under the mantle of The Evidence-Based Investor, he has campaigned for better investor education and for greater transparency in global asset management. Prior to that, he reported for ITV and Sky News for over 20 years, after receiving his BA/MA in History from Oxford.


This video does not constitute investment advice. Past returns may not be indicative of future returns.