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The Elm Story

What happens when a former hedge fund manager sets out to find a sensible, cost-effective way to invest his family’s wealth?

“After more than 20 years in finance, you’d have thought that I’d figured out how to invest my family’s savings. Well, it was 2002, I just turned 40, and I hadn’t.”

Victor wasn’t satisfied with the options available, so he built his own.

The Market Gap

I built Elm because the options available for managing my family’s wealth weren’t meeting my standards or my needs.

I wanted something better than what was available.

I knew that passive investing could lower my costs, but also that it can be problematic in dynamic markets. On the other hand, alpha-seeking, black box strategies seemed too complicated, too costly, and not appropriate for the vast majority of my family’s wealth. Plus, the wealth advisors I spoke with simply didn’t have the experience or credibility I was looking for.

That’s where Elm began

The Solution

I dove into researching the problem and developed Dynamic Index Investing® — the investment approach that underlies the Elm philosophy.

Total Transparency

Credible Advice

Rules-based Approach

Exceptionally Low Fees

First, a few friends from my Salomon Brothers and hedge fund days joined in, then a number of finance industry executives seeking a sensible, hands-off way to manage their own wealth.

As we grew, we refined our approach and technologies, offering our guidance to more high-net worth individuals and families.

Our approach is clear, consistent, credible, and predictable, providing a transparent view into how your wealth is being managed—and, crucially, why. And at just 0.12 per year, we offer both our guidance and our strategies at an exceptional price.

Talk to Elm

At Elm, we believe we offer something better:


Sensible Approach

Focusing on practical and sustainable long-term wealth management


Sophisticated Framework

Offering a thoughtful, research-based methodology and client resources


Credible Partner

Providing personal guidance on investing and other important life decisions

Learn more about Elm and start managing your wealth for the long run.

The Elm Investment Team

Victor Haghani

Founder & CIO — Jackson Hole

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Victor Haghani

Founder & CIO — Jackson Hole

Victor Haghani has 40 years’ experience working and innovating in the financial markets, and has been a prolific contributor to academic and practitioner finance literature. He founded Elm Wealth in 2011 to help clients, including his own family, manage and preserve their wealth with a thoughtful, research-based, and cost-effective approach that covers not just investment management but also broader decisions about wealth and finances. Victor started his career at Salomon Brothers in 1984, where he became a Managing Director in the bond-arbitrage group, and in 1993 he was a co-founding partner of Long-Term Capital Management. He lives in London and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

James White

CEO — Philadelphia

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James White

CEO — Philadelphia

James White has spent two decades working in finance, covering the gamut of quantitative research, market-making, investing, and wealth management. He is currently the CEO of Elm Wealth, and previously has held research, trading, and executive roles at PAC Partners, Citadel, and Bank of America. He lives in Philadelphia.

Victor and James are both available for interviews, expert commentary, features, Q&As and select byline opportunities. To discuss a media appearance or opportunity, get in touch.