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Dynamic Index Investing™

Making sense
of your wealth

How do you sensibly manage wealth?

This is a seemingly simple question, but finding credible answers isn’t easy. If you’re anything like us, you may find it difficult to take advice from salespeople or bankers who lack sophisticated finance and global markets experience.

That’s why we started Elm.

With a growing body of practical research that we’ve applied to managing our own wealth alongside that of our clients, we offer a credible and consistent framework for personal wealth management, both within your portfolio and beyond.

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Our Story

What happens when a former hedge fund manager sets out to find a sensible, cost-effective way to invest his family’s wealth? He wasn’t satisfied with the options available, so he built his own.

“After more than 20 years in finance, you’d have thought that I’d figured out how to invest my family’s savings. Well, it was 2002, I just turned 40, and I hadn’t.”

Find out how a single question led to a research project, an investigation into history’s missing billionaires, and ultimately the investment approach behind Elm.

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How We Invest

If you’ve tried to beat the markets or simply buy and hold index funds, you’re probably familiar with the psychological and performance pitfalls of these approaches.

  • Our research shows that the most effective tools for managing long-term wealth are:

  • Global Diversification

  • Cost and Tax Efficiency

  • Significant Use of Equities

  • Consistent Investment Sizing Decisions

We put these findings together to create Elm, offering our clients the credibility and investment acumen you’d expect of a leading hedge fund, alongside the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a robo-advisor.

Dynamic Index Investing®

Our approach is consistent, clear, and systematic, providing a transparent view at all times into the how and why behind your Elm-managed portfolio. Learn more about our strategy and decide if our reasoning resonates with you.

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How We Advise

Our clients face a range of complex decisions around issues such as how much risk to take, how to manage appreciated holdings, how much to invest in their own professional investment strategies, and more. Many of our clients are also interested in the core retirement question of how to manage spending, giving, and investing in their retirement years.

We’ve applied our methodical, research-driven approach to these questions and the many other aspects of wealth management that lie beyond your investment portfolio. And thanks to the efficiency of our investment management platform, we’re always just a phone call away to help you manage the complexities that come with success.

How We Advise

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At Elm, we believe we offer something better:


Sensible Approach

Focusing on practical and sustainable long-term wealth management


Sophisticated Framework

Offering a thoughtful, research-based methodology and client resources


Credible Partner

Providing personal guidance on investing and other important life decisions

Learn more about Elm and start managing your wealth for the long run.