Welcome to the Elm Wealth Coin Flip Challenge!
Try your luck and assess your skill at bet-sizing on the toss of a biased coin.
In this game, you get to flip a coin that we programmed to have a 60% chance of coming up heads. You can bet any amount of money in your balance (but not more) on heads or tails on each flip. If your balance goes to $0, it’s game over.
Make the game more exciting and instructive by imagining your balance is your total personal financial capital!
Thank you for playing, and good luck!
Time Remaining: 30:00
Place your bet and flip the coin!
Your bet:
Balance: $25.00
Your Bet Bet Amount Result Won/Lost Ending Balance
Your Results
Final Balance: $0.00
Number of Flips: 0
If betting constant 10%: $0.00
If betting constant 20%: $0.00
Actual % Landed Heads: 60.45%

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