Do Options Belong in the Portfolios of Individual Investors?

March 23, 2022 — In a recently-published article in the Journal of Derivatives, we ask whether or not options make sense for a broad class of investors.


How to Fund Your Elm Account

December 19, 2019 — For those with funds invested in brokerage assets or cash, here's the best way to fund your account with Elm.


What's the Best Way to Get Invested in the Market?

March 8, 2017 — A friend asked me how to put more of their savings into the stock market. Is it better to jump in, average-in over time, or wait for a market correction?


Fees or Performance?

October 18, 2016 — I was recently asked: “Should investors focus on fees or performance?” Later, I realized that implies we need to make a choice - but we don’t.


How to invest with Elm - Fidelity SMAs vs Fund

June 29, 2016 — We offer US taxable investors a choice: a SMA at Fidelity, or the Delaware private Fund. In this note, we'll discuss the main differences between the two.

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