Where are all the billionaires?

There were 4,000 millionaire families in 1900.

If they’d just bought and held the market - and had an average number of kids - there would be 120,000 billionaire families today.

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The Twin Problems

Aside from spending and taxes, the two biggest drains on wealth have historically been high costs and low diversification.

The finance industry has a tendency to overcharge for investment products, so you’d think the solution would be low-cost indexing. But despite its low fees, index investing comes with its own set of problems.

One of the primary challenges? It simply goes against human nature to sit and wait while markets veer through booms and busts.

Dynamic Index Investing®

At Elm, we’ve developed a sensible, research-driven approach to wealth management that is not only disciplined, but cost-effective to manage.

Our strategies are designed to help your wealth grow over time while also satisfying the basic human need to respond to our changing environment.

We use a combination of long-term expected return and momentum metrics in a clear and systematic way, making our approach highly predictable and totally transparent. The result is a sensible, cost-effective approach to managing your family’s wealth for the long run.

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What Makes Elm Different


Globally Diversified

Our strategies are globally diversified with a focus on equity markets as the primary source of long-term growth.


Automated for Affordability

Our trading and portfolio management technology is highly automated, which saves significant costs—a benefit that we pass on to our investors.


Experience and Guidance

We are always a phone call or email away, and we focus our research on financial decision-making and investing topics that are both interesting and relevant for our clients.

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