April 19, 2016

Elm News

RealVisionTV: An Interview With Victor Haghani

Victor sat down with Raoul Pal, 25-year market veteran and founder of RealVisionTV to discuss his career, his thoughts on investing, and how Elm came to be. Watch this eight minute excerpt from the full interview.

“…every once in a while a simple, static market cap approach doesn’t go the full distance in giving us a long term solution we’ll want to live with…At some point, we’ll intervene, and I didn’t want to worry about intervening in an ad hoc, subjective and undisciplined way which I figured would wind up hurting…So that was the genesis of Elm…to provide this missing building block for people’s portfolios…to provide intelligent portfolios for sophisticated investors…low cost, global diversification, transparency and a long-term, sensible exposure to risk assets.”