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Outsourced Portfolio Solutions for Institutional Investors

Fair Fees

We charge a flat annual management fee of 0.12%.

Held at Fidelity

We offer Separately Managed Accounts with full client access and daily liquidity.

Custom Built

Use your institution’s Strategic Asset Allocation or use one of Elm’s risk-based Model Portfolios.

Our Dynamic Asset Allocation Philosophy

Return chasing is one of several behavioral biases that leads to short-term momentum and long-term mean reversion in asset prices. We use simple measures of value and momentum to efficiently adjust your portfolio, which we believe will result in better long-term risk-adjusted returns, and greater confidence in how your portfolio is managed.

Choose from one of our risk-based model portfolios, or design your own Strategic Asset Allocation.

Model Portfolio #1

Model Portfolio #2

Model Portfolio #3

See our research on return chasing here, and our research on value and momentum applied at the asset class level in our paper in the Journal of Portfolio Management here.


Learn more about Elm for your institution

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